Travel Vaccines Organization J. Edward Crudele, MD
Travel Vaccines OrganizationJ. Edward Crudele, MD

New Kind of health protection

Our practice of providing vaccines is built on the need to protect health in situations outside the normal medical practice.  Our diverse clients include missionary groups, international executives, volunteer medical relief workers, tourist, and world adventurers.  Our unique service has established our place in this industry.  This allows us to make a distinctive and substantial impact for our clients



Vaccines  are prescribed based on an  individual risk assessment.  This is based on your travel itinerary, living accomodations, and the current recommendations from the US State Department, CDC , and local resident contacts .

special medical scenarios

While you sit back and relax, we will be looking after every detail of your trip.  There many special scenarios that need special medical attention.  We discuss in your individual risk assessment ; your risk for traveller's diarrhea, altitude sickness and precautions for food and water.

Out team is at your service.

Your time is just as valuable to us as it is to you.  Appointments can be arranged quickly,  but many vaccines require one month to build immunity , so plan well in advance.  You can rely on our team for competence based on many years of experience.   These services are provided outside the reimbursement of normal insurance.  Only credit cards are accepted at time of service.  No other payment options are accepted since all clients are leaving the country.

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